Brand New Day

Living in the darkness, hidden from the sun
The black of night the sacred right are now parts of the same cold one

It can't go on this way forever, I just keep making due
I raise my eyes a new sunrise is coming into view

(ch) Take me there, I got to find my way
Oh I swear, this is my brand new day
I've got to live before I die, nothing happens 'til I try
To find my way

Waking up, it's all so new, I see a brand new day
Got to break the mold, escape the hold 
And see things in a brand new way

The fear can be so paralyzing, it's hard to face the new
The time that flies, I realize the one thing I can do


I'm coming down to represent
I'm coming strong
There ain't no stopping me now
I'm going long
I got the skills, I'm gonna leave you behind
You won't know what went by 'cause 
I'm gonna drive

I'm driving down in deep
Taking it home
I'm blowing right on by
I'll leave you alone
There ain't no backing down
Not while I'm alive
All this here is my house and 
I'm gonna drive


My Friend

I got the news the other day
That you got married and more kids were on the way
You can imagine my suprise
That it had been so long I didn't realize

Life ticks away, It's been a while I miss those times
I think of them and I just smile

People will come and go life will always change
Memories stay with us, though they get rearraged
I wish I could stay back then, yesterdays always end
But no matter what roads we take you'll always be my friend

I heard the news the other day
That you weren't feeling well and couldn't come out to play
I meant to stop and say hello
But life got in the way, the way it always goes

I got the news the other day
It came so suddenly that you had passed away
I wish I took a little time
To spend with you, my friend, before you crossed that line

Another Ordinary Day

The darkness fades into the light,
The day takes over from the night
Sip my coffee and I ponder
The wonders this day will uncover

Soaring through the sky above
Familiar shapes that I still love
Paint the day in all it's glory 
Turn the page another story

(Ch) Well It's just another ordinary day
Well it's just another, to discover, 
Like any other ordinary day

It's in your voice, it's in the trees
The raindrops falling on the leaves
In every face and every color
Different places to discover

Take it all in like children do
Change your pace and point of view
To find what everybody's after
Look between the tears and laughter

Look a little closer and you'll find
It brings a peace of mind
Hold a little closer, take your time
And leave it all behind, the worries and the grind
And you'll find there's nothing like an ordinary day

Better Than Me

The first time that I ever saw you
I knew there was something special there
And you pulled me in never letting go

The light in your eyes, the smile on your face
Always takes my breath away
And there's so much here that I want you to know

(Ch) When I see you smile, I can see forever
All the things to come, all that you can be
When you look at me, well it's you I treasure
But I need more for you, I want you to be
Better than me

All the places to go, all the sights you can see
Everything that you can be
All the world is out there waiting for you

Coming from nothing we always made due
I want more for you
It's all within reach, everything you can view

(Br)  Climb the highest heights, set the world alight
With the passion that burns inside you
I want you to be all that you can be
And we'll leave the world better than we found it


What am I doing here, this time of night
This time the same old story, but no the same old fight
I'm sick of my excuses, two wrongs don't make a right
This thing that I've become, can't ever see the light

And I swear, I never meant to hurt you
And I can't make up for what I've done
Now I'm out here in the darkness without anyone 

(ch) And you're somewhere, but I'm nowhere
Without you I'm not half of what I wish that I could be

The darkest part of me is no longer deep inside
And I can't face it here, I've got to run and hide
Oh what's become of me, I've lost myself my pride
And I can't even start to count the tears I cried

And I care, I've always done what I can
And I've tried to be a better man
In an instant I destroyed my world, now look at where I am


Well I'm getting so frustrated 'cause this world 
Has slowly jaded me to tears
Battered little boys and girls grow up to beat up on the world
And prey upon their fears

Why is it inmates are in charge of the asylum
And I can't catch an even break
It's all to count on, death and lonliness, the hunger and the pain are real
The love is what we fake

(ch) So why don't you cry
My tears ran out so long ago,
I'll turn which ever way the wind blows,
I'll stand here 'til the grass grows up around me 
and the rain brings back my tears to cry again

Brother to brother, you step out of the way
Only to let me fall again
Terrify my mother, she'll lock the doors and in the dark 
She's waiting for the end

I'm sick of your excuses, the lies and the abuses
Won't make you whole someday
I'm sitting in the grisly glow
I know this ain't no tv show
Please make it go away

I Am Here

Swim against the tide, he said
You really have to try, he said
It really may futile, but the point is in the trying, not the doing

My world was oh, so beautiful
I painted it so bright and full of color
Stuck here in this corner, brush in hand 
Here I stand feeling like a fool

(ch) So now I've found that nothing really matters
The sun went down, I lost my way
So give me faith and strength to keep on fighting
'Cause I don't want to go on this way

I always had all day when I was younger
to fill my needs and feed my hunger
But time has turned against us
And all that's left is the ticking of those hands

I wasted all the time I couldn't savor
Now time's come back in kind to return the favor
Now, running in a dream, I can't reach to stop those pouring sands

(br) I fooled myself I don't know why
Everybody's dreams run dry
Now falling through the hour glass
I've got to find my way

The Days Of Rock & Roll

Cold beer, smokey bars
Big hair and big guitars
That's how the story goes
In the days of Rock & Roll
No front to go this far
It's when what and who we are

(ch) We're gonna stay this way forever
Hold on with both hands, never let go
Forget it all, live for the moment
Turn on the lights it's time for the show

Have a smoke, drinking Jack
Stage door sneak in back
It's a party, but no disco
Nosebleeds or second row
We just got to catch the show 
In the days of Rock & Roll

To Be Loved

When I was young I didn't know
How much love was all around
When I was young, I couldn't feel
And what was lost would not be found

But I hear with age comes a wisdom we can find
And that love now warms me like a flame that's on inside

(ch) To be loved, It warms when I'm all alone
Saves me when I'm far from home
I'll love the way that I've been shown

Not long ago, I turned inside and let the world just pass me by
I wanted love but I was torn and let the fear build up inside

But with time, it's said, all our wounds are washed away
And the scars that heal will all disappear some day

I pushed away, I was afraid,but I no longer feel that way 
I have the love that I desired and this embrace is where I'll stay

To give love and know 
That your love will be returned
It's a miracle and love's lesson to be learned


I'm so sorry for I've done and maybe what I haven't
But we all have our crosses to bear and you're not so different

Looking all the way back, it's easy to see
Where wrong turns were taken for so long

(ch) The scars you wear, the pain you've suffered 
Have built up a wall that I can't get over
You've lost your hope, can't find your way home
You may not know it, but you'll never be alone

I know those times lying there in the dark
And it's not so easy
Sleep won't come, I can't stop my mind
Those sheep are trying to tease me

You may think you're all alone, but I'll always be here
You just pick up the phone or just whisper in my ear

(Br) Can't you see, what you mean to me
I'll always be here for you
Make a stand, take my hand
We'll make it through together

If Only

Sitting restless in the dark
It's just painful for us to be apart
I hope that you'll come home real soon
My thoughts echo in this empty room

I never choose right things to say
I never change the error of my ways
I need you in my arms
The world can be so cold, you keep me warm

You're my sun and moon and stars
There's no denying who we are
We're just two people when apart
But together we're alot

If only, I could be the man that you deserve
I'd never let you down
If only, I'd be the one that you could count on to always 
Be around, If only

I need to prove to you my love
You're my only, no one else above
Forever I'll be here with you
If you can put up with this fool